Dometic Mini Heki Style Roof Light

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Product Description

Dometic Mini Heki Style Roof Light

For Caravans and Motorhomes

The Dometic Mini Heki Style Roof Light though small provides the optimum level of light for standard 400 x 400mm roof openings. The angle of opening is determined by the hand-lever system. Features a lightly tinted, aerodynamically formed glass dome.

Key Features include:

  • Inner frame with darkening and single pleated fly screen (can be adjusted separately)
  • Max. opening angle of 50° with 3 opening positions (incl. poor weather position)
  • Easy to operate using the lever system
  • With or without forced ventilation
  • Double acrylic glazing
  • Frame colour RAL 9001

Fits to standard flat roof thickness of 25-60mm with external space requirement of 550mm x 510mm

Available with or without forced ventilation.
‘Forced ventilation’ for caravans and ‘without forced ventilation’ for motorhomes. Please choose option prior to adding order to cart.

*** Measurements for roof lights and windows MUST be undertaken with great accuracy to ensure correct size, as they are non returnable ***


Product Specification


Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 550 x 510 mm


Max.Opening Angle

50 degrees

PMMA Glazing



single pleated

Fly Screen

single pleated

Space Size

400mm x 400mm

External Space Requirement

550mm x 510mm

Ventilation & Roof Thickness

forced vent 25-42mm, forced vent 43-60mm, without forced vent 25-42mm, without forced vent 43-60mm