Dometic MovePower MVP 360 Battery


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Product Description

Dometic MovePower MVP 360 Battery

The Dometic MovePower MVP 360 is a mobile battery pack that has been specially developed for caravans which are equipped with an electronic manoeuvring aid. It gets all the energy it needs to manoeuvre the way it should and the integrated charging device ensures rapid recharging.

What distinguishes the MovePower from comparable products? Two invaluable additional functions! It can be used as an energy supply for other appliances even far away from campsites. It is also suitable for mobile use regardless of where it has been installed. It can be used to operate the cooler directly on the beach, or to re-charge a camera or mobile phone while picnicking.

The handy battery package is suitable for all single-axle vehicles of up to 1.5t. It is installed in the caravan with the aid of the fastening frame. The relatively lightweight MovePower can be stored in the towing vehicle during the journey, this also relieves the load on the caravan and creates space for other things.

  • Ideal combination of battery and battery charger
  • Power for a caravan’s electric manoeuvring system
  • Mobile energy source for 12-volt appliances
  • Also suitable as a energy provider for many other on board appliances
  • Transport it in the towing vehicle rather than loading up the caravan
  • Simply remove it and store and charge it at home over the winter
  • Can be easily removed from the mounting frame. The frame and the battery charger remain where they were installed
  • Quality Features: Parallel operation thanks to direct connection to the positive and negative terminal, AC charging with the integrated battery charger, can be connected directly to the 2-pin charge input

Product Specification


Weight 13.6 kg
Product Code



1 x 10A cigarette lighter

Input Type

1 x 2 terminal screw clamp for AC charging


320 x 260 x 230 hxwxd mm

Battery cells

2 x 12 volt 18 ah 20h deep cycle

Operating temperature range

20 degrees C to +60 degrees C