Chillout Air Distribution Box for FreshJet Air Conditioners


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Product Description

The Chillout air distribution box is for use with all FreshJet roof air conditioning units. It has four adjustable air flows which blow the air out through wide air ducts in all four directions. This creates a gentler, more pleasant air curtain.

  • Easy to operate – all functions can be controlled by remote control
  • The direction in which the air flows can be individually adjusted
  • The surrounding LED striplight can be dimmed using the remote control or the control panel
  • Air vent functions: Continuous air flow regulation for all air vents
  • Number of air vents: 4 (left/right/front/rear)
  • Remote control: Night-time control, timer, temperature pre-setting (+16°C to +31°C), automatic mode, cooling, lighting on/off

*** An air distribution box required for operation of all FreshJet Air Conditioners – Please note: The cost of the air distribution box is included in the Air Conditioner price.

Product Specification


Dimensions 535 x 480 x 47 mm
Product Code


Roof Opening/Roof Thickness:

Opening W x D 400 x 400mm thickness 25 60mm

Number of Blower Speeds


Test Mark

E certified to automotive EMC Directive


internal 480 x 47 x 535 hxwxd mm