Off Road

Ideal for motorbikes, jeeps & off road vehicles, DOMETIC (Incorporating the formally known WAECO, & SMEV products brand names) offer high energy, efficient cooling, deep-freezing & cooking products for high performance, low energy, & reliability for use in remote areas such as Scandinavian to the Outback.

Proven products for this area, are ultimate portable cooling products operating in high ambient temperatures for extremely low energy drawer. The CDF,CF or CFX portable compressor refrigerators & deep freezers operating on low energy 12v-110/230V power enables you to relaxing & subsist in critical relaxed pleasure or possibly critical situations.

DOMETIC offer products for remote houses, chalets, beach huts or mobile vehicles needing to be self sufficient. See additional products such as Absorption (gas powered, silent running products), specialist electronic equipment, Air-conditioning operation on 230v & 12vdc, Petrol & Diesel Generators & Cooking products.

Gas powered products can be considered including the 5 & 8 series 3 way absorption refrigerators operating on 12v/Gas & 230v.

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