MiniBars & Coolers

DOMETIC offers a comprehensive product range: from basic Budget line and compact Classic miniBars through to the design-orientated models such as the HiPro line, to suit all kind of guests, every demand and budget.

DOMETIC also devotes its extensive expertise in the area of applied special refrigeration technology in order to ensure optimal quality and safety for medical refrigerators ensuring the effectiveness of the cold chain to store vital and temperature-sensitive life preserving preparations such as vaccines, medicines & drugs.

DOMETIC minibars and mini fridges offer
– silent operation (0db),
– no moving parts,
– no maintenance,
– automatic defrost (except medical refrigerator range) and,
– long life time (typically 10+ years).

Fuzzy Logic
The software ensures stable cooling performance with no highs or lows and reduced energy consumption, 50%+ compared to other absorption minibars.

Cooling Unit Control (CUC) System
– Sensor placed on the evaporator – measuring cooling performance
– Working with fuzzy logic system monitoring data
– If data deviates from norm the fridge is shut down to avoid overheating
– Detects micro leakage – prevents strong ammonia smell in room

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