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No matter the quantity required, whether you are a small B&B, university halls of residence or a large hotel chain, we are pleased to supply DOMETIC’S range of silent miniBars using their noiseless absorption cooling technology which has proved them to be the world’s leading supplier of hotel miniBars.

Today, more than 85 years after the invention of the absorption technology, DOMETIC miniBars are still leading the way in terms of quality, technology and design. More than 5 million units have been sold so far, an unrivalled track record.

 DOMETIC miniBars and mini fridges offer
– silent operation (0db),
– no moving parts,
– no maintenance,
– automatic defrost and,
– long life time (typically 10+ years).Fuzzy Logic
The software ensures stable cooling performance with no highs or lows and reduced energy consumption, 50%+ compared to other absorption miniBars.

Cooling Unit Control (CUC) System
– Sensor placed on the evaporator – measuring cooling performance
– Working with fuzzy logic system monitoring data
– If data deviates from norm the fridge is shut down to avoid overheating
– Detects micro leakage – prevents strong ammonia smell in room

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