Camping and Caravan

DOMETIC offers over 100yrs of combined manufacturing & design experience in developing products which are ideal for the camping and caravan market. Whatever your camping and caravan needs, DOMETIC has the perfect product for you!

Their unique refrigeration products utilise the three main cooling technologies – absorption, compressor and/or thermoelectric.

Thermoelectric Technology
DOMETIC cool boxes for camping, using thermoelectric peltier technology. The peltier element wound with dissimilar metals, housed in a heat sink to distribute cold energy with a built in air-circulating fan usually mounted in the cool box lid or side compartment. All boxes are designed to retaining cold energy inside, with superior polystyrene or PU insulation.

Absorption Technology
DOMETIC first invented Absorption technology approximately 80yrs ago. Enabling the operation of refrigerators using gas (propane or butane), dc & ac energy, Absorption technology uses the principle of heating & pressurising ammonia, then removing the heat & transferring the cold energy via an evaporator (cold plate) to the inside of the fridge-cool box delivering ‘fridge’ temperature.

Compressor Technology
DOMETIC manufacture a range of high performance high quality compressor refrigerators & deep freezers. Using a CFC free refrigerant the compressor pressurises & heats R134a refrigerant at high speed, the heat is removed by a condenser producing liquid refrigerant in seconds. Liquid refrigerant is then injected into the evaporator-cooling plate inside the fridge. Compressor refrigerators are insulated with high quality & dense PU insulation which ensures the cool energy is retained in high ambient temperatures, making them extremely versatile for Camping & outdoor living throughout Europe & Internationally.

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