Dometic Gas Checker Pen Wins Best Accessory Award

The Dometic GasChecker GC100 has won Best Accessory Award in Practical Motorhome Magazine’s 2013 Motorhome of the Year Awards.


Reliable gas supply is a must for camping enthusiasts wishing to enjoy independence in remote areas away from the campsite, and also for many other motorhome and caravan activities. Therefore, it is always important to know how many litres of gas are on board. The Dometic GasChecker GC 100 is an easy and lightweight tool to check the fill level of gas bottles. Weighing just 25 grams, the practical device can tell in just a few seconds how full ’“ or empty ’“ a gas bottle is.

The GasChecker is easy to use: simply press the probe horizontally to various points on the bottle wall and watch the indicator light. Before using the GasChecker, ensure the tip of the pen and the gas bottle surface are both clean and free from dirt (you can use any normal wet wipe). Green light means there is gas at the point where the measurement is taken; red light means there is none. The fill level indicator is based on ultrasonic technology and can be used for all commonly available steel and aluminium bottles filled with propane or butane with a diameter of 200 to 350 millimetres (not suitable for user-refillable bottles).

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