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Always Ready To Go

Where the electricity required to run other coolers is absent, the new Dometic CombiCool ACX Absorber boxes give the user a free rein: They are able to run on only 12 volts in the vehicle, increasing this to 230 volts at home or at the camp site. But when out in nature, the CombiCool series reveals its true advantages by simply switching to gas power. The new ACX 40 G can even run on a commercially available gas cartridge. All the new models cool their contents to 30 degrees below the ambient temperature and have another feature in common: their attractive aluminium housing and striking lid. The new CombiCool family is distinguished not only by its practical use but also by equipment details which are tailored to individual requirements. All the units of the ACX generation include three-step flame regulation for gas operation, a comfortable piezo ignition and a thermostatic regulation for 230 volt operation. The interior evaporator also offers sufficient storage space for the ice cube maker included in the scope of delivery. Its completely silent operation is unsurpassed. The practical, compact measurements, with a depth difference of 65 millimetres – the storage volume is 31 litres for the ACX 35 and 40 litres for the ACX 40 – can be a crucial advantage. Both coolers are available either in a version designed for a gas appliance outlet or a 50 mbar version to attach to a gas cylinder. The Dometic CombiCool ACX 40 G is unique on the market in that it can be fuelled by commercially available gas cartridges. Full Article:

Award Winning Products

Over the years, our solutions have won numerous awards. While it´s always nice when somebody else thinks you´ve done a good job, it shows our products are doing what they were designed to do. Just some of the recent awards won are featured below (or for a full list, click here): ProMobil Best Brands 2019 Winner - Dometic Air Conditioner ProMobil Best Brands 2019 Winner - Dometic Refrigerators iF Design Award 2019 Discipline: Product Design PBL40 Portable Lithium Battery Pittman Innovation Award 2018 - Dometic CFX 95DZW iF Design Award 2018 Discipline: product Dometic Cool-Ice icebox ProMobil Best Brands 2018 Winner - Dometic Air conditioner ProMobil Best Brands 2018 Winner - Dometic Refrigerators ProMobil Best Brands 2018 2nd place - Dometic Toilet systems ProMobil Best Brands 2018 3rd place - Dometic Generators Trailer Life's Reader's Choice Gold Award 2017 - Dometic RV Toilet Trailer Life's Reader's Choice Gold Award 2017 - Dometic RV refrigerator Motorhome Reader's Choice Gold Award 2017 - Dometic RV refrigerator ACE Lenkrad - Highly Recommended Dometic TropiCool TCX 21 ReiseMobil International - Test winner Dometic CoolFreeze CFX 40 Camping, Cars & Caravans - Test winner Dometic CoolFreeze CFX 40 ProMobil Best Brands 2017 Winner - Dometic Air Conditioners ProMobil Best Brands 2017 Winner - Dometic Refrigerators Camping, Cars & Caravans König Kunde Award 2017 Winner Dometic Air conditioners Full Article:

Dometic Coolair RTX - The New Generation

Fitted with all-new technology and unique features, the latest generation of CoolAir parking coolers has arrived to underscore its reputation as a technology leader and set unprecedented industry standards. The compressor-powered air conditioners in the CoolAir series improve working conditions for truckers as well as cost efficiency for businesses – to an extent that they are now proudly bearing the name of the parent organisation, Dometic. The latest generation CoolAir parking coolers excel in two convincing ways: CoolAir RTX 1000 provides more cooling performance and runtime at the same energy consumption than its predecessor model. CoolAir RTX 2000 generates more than twice the cooling power at the same runtime. All of this is possible thanks to the use of variable speed compressors, which make for excellent cooling capacities combined with amazingly efficient and quiet operation. This guarantees that drivers can rest and relax in complete comfort. The Dometic CoolAir RTX 1000 makes very economical use of the onboard power resources. Designed to provide cooling for up to twelve hours at a considerable capacity of 1200 watts, it is ideal for longer stops in moderate climates. A reliable and accurate voltage monitor fitted with a sensor line keeps an eye on the battery voltage to maintain the truck’s starting ability. The Dometic CoolAir RTX 2000, by contrast, turns out as a real power pack. Generating a full 2000 watts for up to six hours, it cools down even larger cabins in no time at all, which makes it the perfect choice for everyone resting at daytime and travelling in hot regions. It will be appreciated especially by the drivers of heavy goods vehicles, or by the people working in crew cabins, such as those on fire brigade, disaster control and other special-purpose vehicles. The RTX 2000 creates a cabin climate where crews can feel comfortable even in heavy protective clothing. To provide this outstanding level of performance and quality, Dometic’s development engineers have put the RTX series parking coolers through their paces under extreme conditions in Australia’s outback as well as on European roads. They improved it time and again before they approved it for good. In the process, the engineers were using, for the first time ever worldwide, a mobile data interface that enabled them to retrieve data from field test equipment around the globe wirelessly and in real time. The up-to-date measurements were directly analysed in Germany and considered in the development process to accomplish the fine-tuning during series production. The field tests performed in the course of many months under the most rigorous real conditions are without precedent in the R&D history of truck parking coolers. It was the intensive cooperation of Dometic engineers, project and product managers as well as technical editors that made this holistic approach happen. “The benefit of this kind of development work is obvious,” comments Lead Design Engineer Thorsten Wichert. “We no longer have to rely on the laboratory conditions in the climate chamber, but are anytime able to collect and analyse real data from real operating conditions. This is the only way to get a perfectly functioning product.” With this technological approach, Dometic WAECO qualifies as the first accessory specialist to comply with the intensive testing procedures applied by automotive manufacturers. In terms of quality, time savings and efficiency, all parties involved in the process benefit to the same extent as the end user does. Naturally, all the well known advantages of the predecessor generation have been retained in the new CoolAir RTX series: the tailor-made, vehicle-specific installation concept, which guarantees excellent installation results and utmost process safety, TÜV approval, e-certification and convenient operation by remote control for highest user comfort. The driver’s individual requirements can be met in a matter of seconds with a choice of four operating modes (Auto, Eco, Manual, Boost). Installation kits for all common truck models are available both for the new Dometic CoolAir RTX 1000 and the higher capacity sister model, RTX 2000. For special conditions, the manufacturer offers two universal installation frames, for screw or bracket mounting. Full Article:

Dometic Gas Checker Pen Wins Best Accessory Award

Next Generation Portable Battery For Adventurers

The Dometic PLB40 portable lithium battery, won this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD in the discipline Product Design, in the Outdoor category. Engineered to satisfy outdoor and mobile lifestyles with high electrical demands, The Dometic PLB40 is the lightest and most powerful battery in its category. It allows adventurers to travel further and stay longer in nature with a safe and reliable power supply. Harnessing the latest developments in battery technology, the PLB40 is a unique and innovative portable battery. Dometic's decision to use Lithium Iron Phosphate (known as LiFePo4) makes the battery unit lightweight, compact, and able to deliver stable power for a longer time compared to the Lithium Ion batteries currently available on the market. Specifically designed to power a cooler, such as a Dometic CFX for a weekend, 12V devices, and USB accessories, the battery has a 2-pin threaded connection and flat discharge curve. Its robust and rugged features make it ideal for outdoor use. Another innovation of the PLB40 is its multiple power sources: 12 V vehicle socket, solar panel or AC power. This allows users to charge the battery while driving– saving time and the need for an extra battery. The Dometic PLB40 allows adventurers to travel further and stay longer in nature with a safe and reliable power supply. Key Features • Weekend of Power (40 Hours) • Exclusive Recharge As You Go Feature • Most Advanced Battery Technology on the Market - Lithium Iron Phosphate Full article:

Freshjet 2200 Awarded Best Buy

The Dometic FreshJet 2200 has been awarded Best Buy for winning four test categories in an independent air conditioning test by Reise Mobil International Magazine in June 2014.