Mobicool has over 30yrs experience, in the manufacture of thermoelectric portable cool boxes. It offers an extensive range for the car, camping, caravanning, boating or home use. The coolboxes can be operated on the move, via a 12v lead & cigar lighter plug (included), with extremely low energy consumption.

Certain models offer both 12v & 230v operation via a 230V plug & lead (supplied) for your camp site, marina, or home. In addition a Y50 mains adapter can be purchased as an accessory for 12v only cool boxes.

One of Mobicool’s huge strengths is cooling performance, compared with other competition. The Mobicool range can deliver between +8 to +5 degrees cooling performance at ambient temperatures of between +18 to +25 degrees, depending on the model. Certain cool boxes in the range, carry the A++ European energy rating, the highest cooling efficiency rating for portable cooling products.

Certain models in this range offer an energy saving mode ‘Active Battery Security’, when switched to the ‘On’ position, the box will continued to operate, when the vehicle engine has been switched off (if the vehicle 12v socket has been designed to be live, when the ignition is switched off). The cool box will continue to operate down to a minimum battery voltage, to avoid drain the engine starter battery.

Another useful function on certain models is a heat function, with a built in switch to reverse the thermoelectric process ideal for carrying food at up to +65 degrees ambient, inside the box.

All Mobicool products are supported with a 2 year guarantee.

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